Car Feature>> Instant Gentleman. Brilliant Offset S13

Go ahead, say it. (All together now) Daaaaaamnnnnn!

I like how the background has the statue of The Thinker, which symbolizes how hard people need to think and plan in order to have a car with such brilliant offset as this S13 Silvia. I started using the term “brilliant offset” when referring to cars because I realized how brilliant and ingenius one must be in order to achieve perfect wheel fitment like this. Many people try but don’t come close because they can’t figure it out. Worse yet, some people don’t try hard enough. So for this S13 to have such perfect wheel fitment, I really must say the only word I could use to desribe it is brilliant. Henry Chan’s S13 is all that and then some.

Just look at how the car sits. Even without saying a single word, the wheels and the fitment shocks and amazes you like someone punching you in the face.

Big ups to my boy Van from One Ton Garage for getting me in touch with Henry. In fact, it was Van who first showed me photos of this car well over a year ago! Thanks again, Van.

Understated and elegant, I wish more S13 owners across the United States would take some notes from this car, and realize that it is possible to build a clean S13 with brilliant offset and drive it on the street. I’m sick and tired of hearing excuses from S13 owners around the country who don’t have the guts to go big and commit to their cars. With some planning, determination, and focus, it is possible to achieve!

Since everyone is waiting for the magic numbers, here they are:

FRONT: 18x9J (+2 offset) Work Euroline DH wheels with 215/40/R18 Pirelli P-Zero Nero tires (-5.5 degrees camber)

REAR: 18x10J (-7 offset) Work Euroline DH wheels with 225/40/R18 Kumho Ecsta 711 tires (-7 degrees camber)

PS: Henry, if you would have asked beforehand, I’m sure I could have gotten a tire company to kick you down tires so they’d match! Oh well, too late I suppose! LOL

Tsuraichi. Literally, it means “to become one.” In this case, Henry’s Euroline DH wheels are about to become one with his rear fender. It’s so awe inspiring. I’m getting a little misty.

One of my favorite points about Henry’s S13 is the fact that it’s super slammed, with brilliant offset, and he drives it on the street at this same height, and he’s rocking coilovers!!! Super sick.

Just so you don’t think this car is all just about the wheels and tires, let’s run down some of the suspension specs. Without the right suspension settings, you can’t run aggressive offset wheels like this S13. Henry chose Stance GR+ coilovers with custom slotted front brackets for additional camber, Battleversion tension rods, Powertrix rear upper control arms, Megan Racing rear toe links, and Motoria front and rear strut bars.

Work Euroline DH wheels with Kumho tires stretched over them. Do it. Do it. Of course, in order to make wheels of this size fit, you need to contact Van from One Ton Garage to get your fenders custom pulled cleanly. Don’t wrinkle your fenders by trying to do it the cheap way, do it professionally so your car doesn’t look ghetto!

Even though you can’t see them, this Henry’s Silvia sports Brembo cross drilled rotors with Endless VN pads up front, and KVR carbon kevlar pads in the rear. Man. If you would have asked, I’m sure my boys at Endless could have helped you out on pricing just so you could rock Endless pads all around, Henry.

What? The Speedhunters crew does not approve of smoking crystals, but these D-Max smoked crystal tail lamps look awesome. They continue Henry’s theme of understatement on his S13, but in a classy way. (Kids, please don’t spray paint your taillamps in an attempt to replicate this look. Go buy the whole aftermarket light assemblies if you like this look.)

I like how the Origin roof wing in the rear matches Henry’s window visors. Very clean and cohesive, that’s what we like.

Representing the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.

How to achieve this look: Contact Van from One Ton Garage, and ask him to equip your car with an S13 Silvia front end conversion, Super Made Instant Gentleman Silvia complete aero kit, JDM S13 Silvia window visors, and Origin roof wing. I also appreciate how Henry added JDM aftermarket smoked crystal front corner lights, to match his D-Max taillamps. Nice job, Henry!

Yawn. This is where I’m gonna speak what’s really on my mind real quick. I wish this car had a different steering wheel.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I love the Defi boost, water temp, and oil pressure gauges, with the Defi Link Control Unit II, (nice and clean installation by the way) that’s props. Nagisa Auto super lowdown seat brackets? Even more props. Love it. But the Momo Champion steering wheel… *sigh* I was hoping this car would have something rarer than that, since the exterior is so incredibly off the hook. Sorry Henry, just being real with ya, homie.

Clean and simple SR20DET redtop engine swap, let me just list out the specs for you.

Garrett GT28R turbo
HKS actuator
HKS intercooler
HKS intake filter
ARC blow off valve
NGK Iridium spark plugs
S15 Silvia 480cc injectors
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
Z32 fuel filter
Enthalpy ECU tune
Blitz SR20DET upper radiator hose
Password:JDM alum. cooling panel
Nismo motor and tranny mounts
Megan Racing 3″ turbo outlet
Megan Racing 3″ flex downpipe
Magnaflow 3″ high flow cat
Circuit Sports 3” exhaust

Drivetrain modifications include an Exedy Stage 1 clutch, Nismo GT 2-way LSD, and a C’s replica short shifter.

Awesome stance and style, street driven on coilovers. What! Schooling kids then afterschooling them like detention.

-Antonio Alvendia

One Ton Garage

Interested in buying Henry’s S13? Click Here!



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mmmmm... hot!


Very nice bay area S13!


so sick ! one of the cleanest S-13s on the planet hands down.


Beautiful ride, except for the wheels and wheel fitment.

If you can't do it without making your ride look like the axles are broken, don't do it.


jblaine, whaaaaaat?!?!! Are you serious?! The wheels and wheel fitment are EXACTLY what makes this car dope!!! Everything else is just icing on the cake...

We must have some serious differences of opinion going on here..! I think if more people in the USA made their S13s look like Henry's the USA would be an even better place to live in.


This car is so BIPPU! har har. I love the wheels and the body kit. Awesome car. It was a Modified cover car recently no?


yup Modified Mag. dude, you're killin me with the bippu. lol sounds like korean food. mmmmm i'm down to get some bibimbap for lunch.


Very serious, Antonio. Function always before form. Jacked-up camber for tucking wheels is lame IMO.


hmmm that's like saying then that all VIP style cars are no good. Strong opinion have there m8. I can understand the form follows function viewpoint, its not framework that is 100% applicable to VIP style though.

just my opinion...


I'm not afraid of sharing strong opinions. They're just opinions.

It's a performance street car that is RUINED by an accepted wheel fad. The wheels could have been fit properly by going all the way and having body work done. THAT's what BRILLIANT wheel fitment is, in my book -- doing it right.

We'll agree to disagree I guess.


That's cool. Always interested to hear your viewpoint.


jblaine: One has to define what exactly "function" is for each specific case then. If a car's ultimate purpose is to just be driven on the street, then a modification that does not hamper that is not making any sacrifice or compromise in the name of form. The problem in the US is people get too stuck in this single-track mindset that everything has to be about performance all the time. That's why you'll get people complaining about something like, well, more than -3degress of camber on an Infiniti Q45, saying that its performance has been ruined. But they need to step back for a second and ask themselves, "does that really matter than the car is driven 99.9% of the time on the street, not a track environment where that matters?" Oh the flip side of the coin, you'll have folks modifying their cars with incohesive themes... like big chrome ADR wheels, with carbon fiber hoods, and GT wings, and racing harnesses, with eight 12" subwoofers, and graphics circa 1995, etc. The trick, is to be cognizant of what you want your car to be, and then modify it accordingly. If it's a track car, then by all means, build it as such (and sprinkle in a few different elements that can make it stand out without compromising its performance on the track). And if it's a street car, build it as such, and don't add mods that convolute the end result. Concinnity is the key...


jblaine: honestly, i like how you are strongly opinionated, and not afraid to share your opinions, because i'm like that too, and often i'm forced to cut back on saying what's really on my mind, so as not to upset others too much. (gotta do this cause i work in the automotive media industry ya know)

BUT. here is one point where i will completely and utterly disagree with what you are talking about, man!!! I effing LOVE the way Henry's S13 looks! It's not ruined at all! Let me further explain my point:

The whole point is to stray away from using those retarded fiberglass overfender flares, especially with wheels that don't even fit under them properly!!! When big fiberglass flares hang over the car's wheels like that, and the wheels underneath are too thin, or too positive offset, it looks wimpy, and reminds me of those little "baby tee" shirts that girls wear. You don't want your car to have "little girl arms" do you?

On the other hand, if you have awesome wheel fitment, especially under the stock metal fenders (stock metal fenders FTW!!!), and your car has the perfect combo of NEGATIVE CAMBER + WIDE WHEELS + STRETCHED TIRES + LOW STANCE + MINIMIZED FENDER GAP... it's just so awe inspiring and aggressive looking! And your car will look like a mean bulldog with muscular arms ready for a dogfight, instead of a prancing little poodle with delicate little wheels.

Who else is with me? Negative offset wheel owners represent!


Function over form? So you'd choose a swamp donkey who can deep throat over Scarlett Johansson? Just kidding, i see where you're coming from, but i'm with Antonio on this - the work involved to get that sort of stance is immense, and it looks absolutely badass. From a side profile, it's just insane.

IMO it suits the car equally if not better than the whole drift look, maybe that's just 'cus it's played out or bippu-esque is the current trend, who knows, but it looks absolutely badical. Just lacking a couple of extra cylinders under the hood :D

-Mark, currently building an EK Civic on 15x8 SSR MK3s with a 0 offset... praying for a similar look.


V /\ /\/ : I agree with you completely. This car is, by your same definition of cohesive... NOT cohesive to me. Every inch of it screams beautiful, meticulous, and clean street *performance* car. Every inch of the car is excellent. Awesome clean interior, the properly smoked tails, etc. Then the owner threw in VIP styled wheel fitment.

To me, that's no different than if he'd put on 15" million-spoke wire lowrider-style wheels. Not cohesive.

Antonio: I'm all for mean. I'm all for bulldog aggressive style. This isn't the way to do it when given a car that isn't ready for it with its stock body panels. Any decent body shop could have worked those rear fenders properly. As it is, it looks comical and broken, not tough. It's downright heartbreaking to see it done to a car this clean and performance-minded. If I saw this car at a show or something, all my head would be thinking is, "Damn. What a serious shame."


Wow, I freaking love it!


Awesome S13!!!!! I personally think the wheel fitment is perfect! Let me also say that this also seems more so a car to cruise in and that it should not be critisized about what is missing but more so the quality of the work put into making such a clean looking car.


the car is absolutely beautiful. so are the photos

we dont need haters here that are jealous cause they dont have a car like that so if you got nothing to say nice dont say it at all

-long live negative offsets


Sex on wheels. Parapapapaaaaaa.... I'm Loving it.


sweet ride

im not quite down with the front bumper but it does give the VIP feel to it

haha i sometimes dont feel like im staring at an s13 at all but something that got lost along those lines

oh..and neeto rims! i love black rims.


I don't think that jblaine is a hater... its cool to have differing viewpoints. No reason that everyone needs to be in agreement all the time right?


I'll get in on this with my two cents. I feel that there are varying degrees of 3 proverbial different ways to go when it comes to building a car: "All show and no go", "All go and no show", and the hybrid of both. These are interpretations of a track car, a show car, and a street ride. Seeing whereas the vehicle in question is street driven, we can safely perceive that this car isn't built exclusively for the track or for shows. Without question, it's build suggests it could compete in both, however, the owner composed his ride to be seen on the streets with the intention of reflecting his personal artistic style through it. The car appears to have an oxymoronic giant subtleties. The kit "instant gentleman" isn't as aggressive as most kits you'll find for the s13 kits you'll find. It's elegant, and reduces overhang, perfect for a high-class look with streetability. The dark grey color, rear sunshade visor, smoked tails and lack of a wing add to follow with the look that lack the dynamic look most s13 achieve, while giving it plenty of spice at the same time. On the flip-side (and clearly the highlight of the debate), the massive 18x9 and 18x10 wheels blast you like a landmine you didn't see coming. So just what the hell am I getting all with all this jabbering? He built it for the street, not track, not shows. And at that, it's pure street genius, matching very satisfactory performance, the functionability to drive this dumped beast adequately (in comparison to other dumped kitted s13's with massive overhang) on the street, with sophistication that would be appreciated by Roger Moore. I'll agree with Antonio as well on the steering wheel choice, but hey, it's not my car, and it's still badass to the maximum. Much props


jblaine is just butthurt because he doesn't have the most gangster of gangster wheel setups.

could be worse,

could look like this:


heres another good example:


how long do tires last with massive camber like that?

I drive too much to be able to put crazy-offset wheels on my car. If tires only last him 10k miles, I'd be changing tires twice a year.

There's wide wheels / low offset to fit better rubber and perform better, there's wide to comply with local laws (Which restrict wheels from 'poking' in some countries), there's wide to be cool like everyone else (17x9's on a 350Z with poor offset), and there's wide to be ridiculous and have 'bragging rights'. Clearly, this is wide for bragging rights only. Not my flavor, but to people like Antonio, that's all he cares about ;)


Thats a beautiful s-13... Perfect wheel fitment!!! I've seen guys that drift/grip more comfortably with a lot of negative camber... And im one them... So don't be hating... Even if he just wants it VIP... Its probably set up for the way he drives... I bet this car handles like a dream!!! Function over form??? Obviously this dude jblaine is not a real JDM enthusiast... Then he would know that negative camber is sometimes good for the performance of certain cars and the way we want it to perform... He's the only one who thinks its lame... I'd like to see you keep up!!! Drift or Grip!!! LMAO... I see where your coming from... BUT... Im with Antonio on this...


that shitt is hard not my choice of rims but its still sik as fuk nojoke


jblaine srry, u have to accept that there are other cars exceeding the norm. I'm Henry just got tired of following what other people thought so he wanted to show something different


*thumbs up... slowing turning into thumbs DOWNNN* "omg its so clean" "omg so badass" NOT (in borats voice)

hks _______, arc ________, & megan racing __________ do not below in the same sentence let alone on the same motor. i guess if i did that id have to rock "gangsta" wheels to take the attention away from the motor too =) high 5 bud


Needs a Nardi steeringwheel. But damn... Best looking S13 i have seen in a long time.

And I can see where jblaine is coming from, im the same way about form following function. But I guess this s13's main function is to look god damn cool. And it does just that!


Anybody seen those dudes that build them DONKS with 26" rims??? Now thats a shame!!! LMAO...


the car looks amazing

but it must've either been trailered in, or the driver has suffered kidney damage driving it on s.f. city roads


Different strokes for different strokes.

Just not my stroke. I like cars that can been driven around the corner without the wheels rubbing.

Overly large wheels and terrible camber are not my tea.

But I like the attention to detail. Fortunately he didn't use my money ;)


I'm definitely not a hater, nor am I "butt-hurt" because I don't own a modified S13. Trust me.

Donks with 26" rims are just another style. If you don't like them, fine. I don't either. But donks on 26" rims are no different than JDM trends. It's all subjective style. You consider donks completely ridiculous and so do I ... right along with bozo, yankee, the vans... etc.

Lucky for me, the content here is 95% not that crap (opinion!).

I promise I won't disrespect the broken axle look again in the forums or post comments so as to not offend the JDM-obsessed. I've said my peace.


It's a great looking car. The wheels and crazy offsets just don't push my buttons though.

But if Henry likes it then it's all good. That's what's great about modifying - you do what you want to make it yours.

OpTiOn!!! - There's nothing "JDM" enthusiast about any of this. An effective geometery setup is an absolute must on any performance car - Japanese or otherwise. Whether you're setting up for street or track or anywhere at all. You don't pull random numbers out of the air. You research what your setup and driving demands require, and in Henry's case you balance this with the desired visual effect you want to. Dialling in lots of camber doesn't make you "JDM". Considering the letters stand for Japanese Domestic Market too then you should really be dialling in the setup that the car came out of the japanese factory with for the Japanese roads if you wanted to be truly JDM.


st3ph3n... First off I didn't say putting in lots of camber makes anything JDM... So take it easy... My cars have negative camber, and thats the way he sets up his car too... In his case he went VIP so he had to camber it to fit his rims... I dig Henry's car... He built it to his style of driving and to the way he wants it to look... The same way we all build our cars... I know exactly how to dial in my cars the way I wanna drive... And I also make it look the way that I want and balance it out.... You talk about being truly JDM.

Im FROM Japan...


If I may give my opinion...

I say: major props to Henry for the REALLY hard work he put into his S13.

However, living in San Francisco, roads SUCK big time ! Bumps and potholes are all over the place. This S13 doesn't look like it has enough suspension stroke, now does it? So, the question is: how often this car is been driven on the street?

That's all I have to say.



dude.... i seen this car in person.. super dope.... deep offsets the way to go.... there's no other way... stop hating cause you're jealous your ride isnt that clean.... dude has a dope car... i've seen plenty of cars with just as wide wheels on it on the road daily... my friend is runnin 18x10 in the front n 18x11 on the back....


Yup, his car is super clean... Gotta luv those rims...


jblaine: Dude, don't censor yourself on Speedhunters! Even though not everyone agrees with you on certain topics (like how I don't agree with you on the wheel fitment thing, LOL), we all want you to be able to chime in with your opinion!!! After all, not everyone is READY for the crazy offset and wheel fitments that I'm into! But we still value your opinion, and are glad to see u on Speedhunters man! BTW, just don't say anything bad about the wheels on my personal cars, or else we got PROBLEMS! lol jk

Burabuda: Henry DROVE this car all the way up to SF, and around town while I was trying to select a place to shoot it. I almost rear ended the car in front of me a couple times, cause I couldnt stop staring at Henry's car in the rearview mirror. I love that thing.

Jacob@ED: Dude you should change your login name to "Jacob@EverythingDrift" instead of "Jacob@ED" because someone might think ED means something other than Everything Drift! LOL But let me just respond to your comment.... he spent a TON of money getting that ultra rare, super stylish SUPER MADE aero kit... he spent a TON of money on paint and wheels, etc.... who CARES about changing tires every 10K miles? If he was drifting with the car, he'd be changing tires every event or two! If he was doing competitive autocross or road racing, then he certainly would have different wheels and tires for street and competition use also. So I think... who CARES about changing your tires every year or so, if your car looks that awesome and that mean?! I effin love it, and you know it!

Antonio with the 185/60/14 tires stretched over 14x8.5 RS Watanabe Type R wheels, and ridiculous camber. Hell yeah I'm cool, and I know it too.


Let's try and cut the personal attacks ok guys? We can have a discussion like adults yes?







i wanted to build an s13 exactly like this and show people that you can have a clean s13 instead of a POS

and i love the friend has the same wheels on his VIP q45


Wow, I really didn't expect so many comments about my feature! It's entertaining to see everyone's opinions and I think it's what gives this car culture life and variety. I sought out to tune my car around what I valued most, which coincidently was not quite the trend that others here were following at the time. Overall, to me it's a huge accomplishment considering the car was bone stock when I first got it in '02 and I never even dreamed it would be anything close to what it is now and the attention that it has garnered. I used to take the car to the track, but nowadays I'm happy with it being a hardcore street cruiser. Big thanks to Antonio for coming up and taking the time to capture those fantastic shots!

Alex, to tell you the truth, I don't drive the car that much because I haven't really had much opportunities...and it also takes me a good 15min. to get out, because I have to bring in & out huge wood boards and planks in order to clear my own the driveway! But, when I do take it out, I pretty much drive it anywhere that I have to go, including downtown San Francisco. Believe it of not, it has enough suspension travel for their "3rd world" roads and I do not rub or bottom out.


wow...its a first for me.....thats a sweeet silvia..... may b not a drift machine...sure VIP style..but its just DIFF..thats all.....sumthn that makes u look twice and all......i LUV it.....fuk it y not do that to my


beautiful looking car. I like the look but I'm a track guy so it's not really my flavor. I know by looking at the alignment specs of this car and it's not a setup you would run on the track. this setup is strictly for wheel fitment. this car reflects the owners style.


this car must be driven by some pussy ass mother fucker because all I see is just parts thrown together with no real intensions of any form or function.

Go buy a Civic


sick stance


All commenter’s here are entitled to their own opinions. It's all relative.

As relative as me liking Henry's car very much. It breaks away from the norm of what it should be. Sure wheels might “look” to be a bit too much. But it’s really not as bad as you think. I digress…who really cares? Why is it such a big deal?

It's work of art and its function serves the needs of the builder/driver. If you want to get all nit picky about it, then build your own car and submit it to Speed Hunters. Then let the next guy dissect your car with shame and praise.

All in all, why hate on someone else's ride? You're not the person who owns the car. Mr... condescending "Go buy a Civic" and Mr... "Wheel fitment is nice?"

Learn to appreciate and move on. That is all.


Henry I appreciate your comment and ''strategy'', on how much of a PITA is to take care of such a cool, props to you.

Anyway....Henry modded his S13 to HIS liking, and that's what matter the most ! It matters to him.

You folks will never ever be able to accomodate everyone. You shouldn't build you project car to please the crowd. That's I think, a big mistake a lot of folks on here make. Do it for YOURSELF.

I mod my cars to MY liking, not to show it off and brag about........if, down the road, I get recognition for what I am accomplished, then fine, if not, that's not the end of the world....

Just my .02


Damaja, you made an awesome point, and I give you props for it. It is very EASY to be a critic, but it is a different thing to actually PLAN and BUILD a car with wheel fitment like this. 90% of the people out there wouldn't even know where to begin. Most people have no idea of what to do, which wheel sizes to pick, which offsets to use, which tire sizes to use, what to do to the fenders, how to plan the suspension, etc. Many people know how to criticize, and that's okay as long as they can back it up and build an awesome car themselves. I do have strong opinions on things like coordination of steering wheels, aftermarket parts, and wheel fitment... but I have aggressive wheel fitment on my own car also. My car certainly isn't the most aggressive though! I know plenty of others (in Japan, USA, Hawaii, UK) that have more aggressive wheel fitment than my own cars, even though I preach the gospel of negative offset in different media outlets I write for!

I think Henry (and anyone else who has an aggressive stance car like this) should be proud as hell. After all, it was HIS car that got chosen, out of all the different cars I could have shot on my limited time in the Bay Area. And it was HIS car that got itself on the cover of Modified Magazine. With all the covers I've shot for Modified, Super Street, Grassroots Motorsports, etc, even my own AE86s haven't been on a cover. Henry should be damn proud to have built that car. I know I would!


Just about perfection, this car has a healthy dose of subtle aggression.


This car is pure automotive badassery at its finest. Alex, you couldn't have put it better and for all you guys that are knocking this car and saying form should follow function and blah blah blah, go get a life. To me, form does follow function here b/c this guy wanted to build a daily driver that would would look like nothing else on the road and still go like stink. Looks to me like he achieved his goal. Why can't people just appreciate something like this rather than talk shit. So what if it wont pull a G on the skip pad or clean up at time attack events, it fulfills its purpose and looks like no other 240/Silvia I've ever seen in the states. Props to One Ton Garage and Henry for doing something unique.


lol ok, the S13 is certainly one of the cleanest ive ever seen and ever expect to see. But it all realy comes down to style. Ive seen some sick S13's of all styles from Drift, Circuit, and yes, VIP, and this is a prime example of one of them (ill let you guess) people dont need to be attacked for opinion, were al car fans here and we dont need to assualt each other. Cipher Garage, love you guys! Seriously. But making a post on Myspace for peope to come here and bag on this dude for not likeing what you like?? Bad news. Bad taste. If it wasent for opinion nothing new would ever come around. Bosozuko, Yankee style, VIP, staright circuit, all of it could never have been realized without OPINION!!, alot of people have been ropped into this for an offence we did not make just to "defend" different opinions (theres that word again!) TO EACH HIS OWN MAN! LETS EVOLVE HERE! 14's down-n-out on an 86, to 19's flush on a 34 its all the same thing man! its all about the car and the style.

And you know what? 10 bucks says im going to be attacked by someone in bad taste. BLAH BLAH BLAH STFU so whatev.


dude That shit is insane dont hate on it.........because i doubt u willl come close to making somthing as beautiful as this clean vip s13

oh and on the final note why try to tell u stuff cuz if u dont dont like that wheel stance Whatever different people different styles ...Right where all car guys so lets stick together


This s13 owner has style. Nuff said!


Funny how looks vs performances are battling. Everyone has opinions. Some are good and some are bad. This car has its uniqueness, which are based on its owner's own vision. We are all different in many ways, or would we all want to wear, eat, and say the same sh#$. Personaly I would definitely say nice job, and clean execution on a USDM import car, yet if this same exact car does have a long lost older twin anywhere else in the world, or that it was duplicated out of admiration then honestly it isn't worth much. So, frankly in all respect to the owner, I believe your car is O.G. Ten, years from now let some one else xerox your car, and then reopen this blog, and stamp this hate/love drama "DONE" you have the proof. Interesting how I didn't read any one commenting on the time attack JDM monsters that have negative demon camber (broke axle look) and "HELLAFLUSH" offsets, representing perfomance, function, style, and vision while busting on anything that travels on four wheels in and out of JAPAN. Therefore if some of us, stop and think more closely at everything that makes unique things one of a kind, then let them be. Because who has ever heard of a duplicated Picasso selling for the same as an orginal.(There are lames out there that would buy them) yet there is only one orginal. Some one quote me on this. There will be a day in the near future, when all the "AMERICAN" vehicle makers will start to duplicate the JAPANESE DOMESTIC MARKET, and advertise MPG, environmentally friendly, or let me ponder on this "HYBRID" technology because push rod tech eats so much fuel. So who can lay claim to orginality, if a new Chevy Colbalt SS looks like late 90's civic, and the the list goes on. Yet these are only my opinions, and like assh@#es, everyone has them. I love all orginal cars, AMERICAN,IMPORT, and EURO. A 69 Camaro is orginal, a EVO 7 is orginal, a M3 BMW is orginal, a 360 Ferrari is orginal, a 63 Corvette stingray is orginal, a 2JZ Supra is orginal, and the list also goes on. To me the above 180sx looks orginal, because it doesn't look like anything else except for a crazy unique 180sx, and that's all that matters. I'm pushing two tone Vans Chuck Lows with a patented waffle sole, busted ankle set at 90degrees with gel inserts ,so what do i know?


Nice-looking car, but that thing obviously won't be seeing any track time. Especially not with -7deg camber in the rear. Kidding?

Props for the clean look and extremely impressive wheel fitment. It's obviously not built as a track car so I don't understand the need to rail on it because of that.


Great LOOKING car... if the aim is aesthetics coupled with street drivability then who cares if performance is sacrificed a bit. There will be very few times when the limits of performance of this car are going to be tested, but it is going to look damn hot at all times. Sometimes you need to realise that for some people cars aren't about performance. Hell my car ain't even about drivability, it sits on the bump stops and can't go over 100mph :)

It also seems to me that the Japanese car scene doesn't seem to understand stance in the way that the VW scene does. Nearly all the well stanced more modern Japanese cars I've seen in the UK at least have been 90% imported that way, rather than built up. It is a bit strange considering how obsessive the owners are. Whereas you can go to a VW show and throw a rock in any direction and hit a car with pretty much perfect stance....


Wow. It's really sad when someone expresses an opinion... which turns into a small conversation over a few replies with other people, that they are supposed to "get a life", "you're hatin on it", etc.

For christ's sake people, I'm not hating. It was a single opinion. It turned into a back and forth for 2 posts because I was responded to, etc.

Some pretty immature people here if they can't handle people expressing opinions without being aggressive in return.


I love flaming? The best things in life are ridiculous....offsets.


Henry's S13 is sick. FITMENT AND STANCE one word PERFECT. Antonio, great pics.


This S13 is one of best by far. Bay Area. Thumbs Up. Huge inspiration for me. Love The Car & Stance.


I like this car a lot but I think the front end could be lowered a bit more or something, IMO the gap between the top of the wheel and the bottom of the fender is a bit to wide for me, you could also raise the camber to bring it on closer but that would ruin the extreme negative camber look that I love about this car.

Damn Antonio, now I want some bibimbop too.


this car is sick. i saw it in real life at the Motoring J Style in Vallejo, Ca. it looks even better in real life. if i had a s13 id most defnatley look towards this as inspiration for my car.


If offset is everything when it comes to wheel fitment, then ramen is the best when it comes to japanese noodle; speaking of which, you & i need to do another foo-foo-tei run Antonio, i still need to give you the stuff i got you from the TAS trip 5 months ago lol.


you are an inspiration for a passionate debate :>


hey D Huang!

yeah i like ramen alot, but if you like foo foo tei, i gotta take you to some other spots in LA. Joyce Lex and Arnell and I went to DAIKOKUYA this weekend, and of course OROCHON in little tokyo, and SANTOUKA in torrance and GOMEN in stanton. but actually i like Udon more than ramen. Especially Curry Udon and Sanuki Udon. I wanna try this spot called SANUKI NO SATO in Torrance, Tsuyoshi from 5Zigen told me its the bomb!

Also, we gotta hit up SANTA RAMEN if we're in the SF area... of course, i'm always down for pho too.




siiik! i used to see this car in sunnyvale from time to time. well done!


Wowwwwwww!!!! Shragon!!! How you doing man? I havent seen you in years!!!


Even better -- Now people are impersonating me and posting smartass comments ("I am an idiot" comment above).

It's like 5th grade all over again.


The future is now. Call all import publishers, this car is getting its own cult following, whether some like it or others don't. It has more replies than anything other car here.


love the look and its as clean as the photos look .... Nice job Henry you deserve the feature


damn!!! Henry's S13 sparks controversy like racial tension!


what up antonio! yea, it's been a good couple of years. i think the last time i saw you was down in socal at a d1 event. man, you're every where now!! keep up the good work!!





very nice S13. I love how you incorporated the VIP theme into your car.

Big props from YKM Motorsports.


I guess I just don't see what part of those wheels aren't COMPLETELY RICEY AND ATROCIOUS. They look like garbage, fitment or not - they're an ugly design. Really, what is wrong with stocking a set of 17" white TE37's on an S13, slamming it and calling it a day?


i'm not a fan of the huge neg camber on the rear just to make those rims fit, but to each their own.

that said, i can't get enough of clean & smooth lines on cars. simple is better IMO & the instant gentleman kit looks mad on an S13 for that very reason.


MaD cLeAn!!


I'm new to Speed Hunters...first comment here. I love how this site has writers and cars from various automotive backgrounds, and in turn fosters comments of the same nature. I saw this article and had to leave my two cents just because of how controversial it is.

In this case I have to agree with V /\ /\/ and many others here...everyone has their own taste. It's your car, do what you want to it and who cares what other people say. It's clear that this car was built to look good being driven on the streets, according to the owner's taste. And yes, it does take a lot of planning to get fitment like this. However, I'm a performance guy, so in my opinion, owning an S13 this well built and not tracking it is a waste. As others have said, the wheel fitment might look cool to some, but it'd be worthless on a road course. Too much camber, and the tires aren't wide enough for how much power the car surely puts out.

In fact, the rear camber is beyond the point of looking good, in my opinion. Perhaps it would look good on a larger car (traditional VIP style), but on an S13, it's almost laughable, not aggressive. I would much rather see tasteful flared fenders, a more conservative alignment, and perhaps 17s instead of 18s on this car. That may not be the latest, greatest thing to do in terms of style, but it would be functional enough to take to the track, AND it would look good. No need to compromise one for the other. That, to me, would be the ultimate street car. (Not that formula in specific...just any car that can wow people, go fast in the turns, and be driven on the street in relative comfort.)

Again these are mostly just my each their own when it comes to building cars. This is definitely a very unique ride and I have to give the owner props for putting so much work into it. My own ride is nothing in comparison.


I agree with Alteus and jblaine. Other than the fitment of the wheels, the car actually does look pretty good. I think that the owner of the car decided to go with that wheel fitment and ride height for the sake of doing it. Like a stripper getting breast implants in order to say that she has a G-sized bra.

Sure, we always think that bigger boobs are better, but in my opinion, there's always a line you can cross. And by having the car that low with that much camber, the owner definitely crossed that line.


I like that car, but what keeps me from loving it are the wheels (and that steering wheel for the same reason Antonio wrote). On the other hand I will not go to the extent as looking at the car and thinking to myself "what a shame" because of the wheels. I still think the car looks nice, just not the shoes I'd use. However, I have learned that you do not have to like something (or someone) to appreciate/respect it, and I use this ideology towards basically everything in life. I can't say I really hate anything.

I do understand jblaine's strong opinion, and I'm sure he understands why people love this style, its a fad, like any style, broken axle look or not. I think however that the owner of this car didn't really seek out the "performance" in his "performance" car because clearly he killed that with his wheel choice. With that in mind then I wouldn't get too bent on the shoes fitment he chose.

I personally love VIP cars, Gutted caged straight pipe howling time attack cars, classiks, muscle the, the whole lot. When it comes to VIP cars though, I do not like bent axle look, I like low offset, wide and such, but not to that extent.


Beautiful, Best One Ive Seen. Makes Me Wanna Buy One.


Nice car, however why not get some better sized rims? they are terrible offsets/sizes lol..

If anyone want's to do a write up on my S15 by super-made hit me up!!



Very clean, not fond of the wheels but still looks well executed


The wheels look like they should be on a big-bodied, big-ballin' Benz....not quite the right style for the car, IMHO. I dunno, fat five-spoke wheels always seemed more at home on a BMW or Benz. Meh....


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Mohamed Waziir

How much was this build ? and what year is this s13?


I cryed when i saw first time that car


I cryed when i saw first time that car


I cryed when i saw first time that car


Mohamed Waziir fuk u bitch go do the thighing