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When I went to the Feel’s track meet at Tsukuba last week, I didn’t go just to cover the soukoukai alone. I also went to check out the new FD2 Civic Type R demo car built by Feel’s. Having seen Feel’s work in the past, I had high expectations for this car. I’m proud to say that my expectations were more than met after having an up close look at the car and seeing it put through its paces on the circuit.

Even in stock form, the Civic Type R has race car-like reflexes and is capable of outperforming cars far more expensive and powerful. I still feel that the FD2 really hasn’t gotten the attention and praise it deserves. Maybe because it’s only on sale in Japan or maybe because of all the other new performance cars that have come out recently. Nonetheless, the car has proven to be one of the best performing cars ever to wear the Type R badge. It would be a challenge for tuners to improve on the already superb factory package. but that’s where Feel’s years of knowledge come in.

Feel’s actually has more than one FD2 demo car, but this particular car is the “street” version that is more mild in execution.The first thing you notice when looking at the outside of the car is the aero kit and its aggressive stance. The main aero consists of a Feel’s front half spoiler and side skirts and rear apron. In addition, the sports grill is also by Feel’s, as are the headlight eyeliners and front air duct. To trim weight and add cooling, the stock hood has been replaced with a Feel’s vented carbon hood or “bonnet” as it’s known in Japan and elsewhere.

In the rear view you can see the Feel’s FRP trunk that also shaves weight from the already light machine. The new trunk does away with the inner half of the tail lamp assemblies (weight savings I guess?). Both the rear roof spoiler and the carbon rear and side wings are also by Feel’s. A diffuser for the rear bumper is also in the works.

The wheels outfitted on this car are AME Tracer TM-02’s in 18″x9″ +35 in the front and 18″x8.5″ +45 in the rear. Rubber consists (big surprise) of Advan A048 M compound tires. The wider front wheels provide more front grip in the corners and give the car a mean, all business look. I love how the front wheels have the GT-R-like concave face. AME was also at the track to get input about the wheel performance from the Feel’s team.  Also contributing to the car’s aggressive look are the Feel’s six-piece overfender kit that effectively accommodates the wider wheels and tires.

Suspension-wise, you will find a custom adjustable Feel’s damper kit that improves on Honda’s already potent suspension design. The brakes are still stock for the most part with the exception of upgraded rotors and carbon pads. In the differential is a carbon LSD from Active Traction Service. In this photo you can also see the Feel’s titanium exhaust system peaking out from under the rear bumper.

Under the bonnet, the already powerful K20A engine is left stock for the most part. The few power modifications include a Feel’s throttle body and a Feel’s ECU system. Additional cooling is provided by a Feel’s aluminum radiator. The clutch has also been upgraded to a copper mix unit while the transmission remains stock. All together, this set up provides the perfect balance of streetability and track performance.

The cockpit has been upgraded with an original Feel’s full bucket seat with a Takata harness and the factory airbag steering wheel has been replaced with a Momo racing wheel. A Feel’s titanium shift knob has also adds some character. As expected from a street car, there is no roll cage here.

Several Defi gauges have also been added to the dash to keep check on what is happening under the hood.

Here are a few more shots of the car-

Just riding around the paddock in the car, I could get a good taste of the car’s overall feeling. It has the aura of a race car without being too obnoxious inside and the titanium exhaust makes a nice sound. If you are wondering how the car performed, with a pro driver behind the wheel the car was lapping Tsukuba in the 1:04 range. A very impressive lap time considering this is a street car with minor power  modifications and a full interior! It seems that Feel’s is really showing the potential of the FD2 here. More upgrades are on the way for this car and I’m interested to see what will happen in the future.

Honda Twin Cam

AME Wheels

-Mike Garrett



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1:04 is a pretty good time with the lack of power. I love this new FD2 and wish we got it here in the US. Dang hosers!


Thats one nice looking daily driver. 1:04 is really impressive. Right around the same place as stock skylines. I would def. love too see an FD2 giving the full racing treatment. Be a nice surprise at a time attack event like the Tsukuba Super lap. Speaking of which, are you guys gonna cover that event?


This is such a nice looking FD2, nice feature Mike :)


Great photography as usual Mike!

The FD2 looks pretty neat, I'm kinda feeling the new look of the rear with the new trunk. Props to FEEL'S for being different!


Wow....Feel's rock ! Nice pics Mike.

1:04 at Tsukuba is as quick as a stock EVO X......that is IMPRESSIVE ! Considering the EVO is 4WD, and has 300 hp on tap, the FD chassis works truly wonder !

I don't like much those skirts on the FD though, I guess whatever makes it more


Thanks guys. We will be at the Super Lap for sure. I can't wait!


why the heck don't we get fd2s and new gen rx-7s

we get half ass designed evo x and scubby

yay! i know! new gt-r and nsx and what not, who can even afford those when ur friking like 18


You can easily make your the front bumper, fenders, hood, Brembo brakes, high comp. pistons, cams, ECU, and there you have

I think Evasive Motorsport down in SoCal did exactly what I mentioned above....


Am I the only one that the new FD2 looks like an LanEvo?