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I was quite honored to be given the opportunity to shoot this Do-Luck UK Supra at Brooklands, the first motor racing circuit in the world. I've been to more racetracks across the world than most people, but this was a special thing for me. I mean, I was wheeling my stickered-up lens case around, and standing on the first automotive racetrack in the world. In the world! It was quite an experience for me. I walked up the steep bank (that was kind of difficult!) to take different types of photos of the car, and of the circuit itself. It was a bit of a thoughtful moment for me – I imagined how busy this racetrack once was… and now we were standing on its remnants, shooting a car that you normally wouldn't find racing there – a 1993 JZA80 Toyota Supra turbo! It certainly was an experience to remember.

Just looking at the photo, you can sort of experience what we felt as we were shooting the car. Even though the sun was up, it was cold outside, and we had to take an early morning train ride from London in order to get to Brooklands in time for the shoot. They had a different vintage car event happening that day, and we had to be off the racetrack before the other cars arrived.

I should clarify something. This 1993 Supra Turbo was not built in England; it was actually built in Japan as a demo car during the development of Do-Luck's Aero Wivern aero kit. Although the car usually looks black to the untrained eye, it is actually dark, dark purple. It's hard to notice, but if you look very, very closely, you can see the dark purple hues come out.

So how did this Supra get to the UK you ask? It was imported by Andy Barnes from Sumo Power, one of the UK's leading parts retailers for Japanese cars.

By looking at the front of the car, you can easily see the HKS GT type front mount intercooler peeking from behind the Do-Luck front bumper, and the front of the car certainly stands out from other Supras you may see in the UK, because of the Do-Luck SPL lift-up bonnet (hood).

Do-Luck Double Six wheels. The fronts are 18x8J with 245/40/18 Toyo T1R, and the rear is 18×10.5J with 275/35/18 Toyo T1R tires. I like how you can see the high end Alcon brakes through the wheels.

From here you can see a bit more bits & bobs on the Supra. Carbon fiber doorpanel, Do-Luck door mirrors with electric motors, and some well placed HKS decals. I wish the front end was a bit lower though.

Now this is the heart of the beast. This very impressive looking 3.0 liter 2JZGTE actually has standard internals, aside from an HKS 1.2mm head gasket and HKS camgears and timing belt. Nevertheless, it makes 545 horsepower to the wheels!

Actually, this Supra's engine bay has all sorts of HKS Power parts – T04Z turbo assembly, HKS GT type intercooler and piping, HKS induction funnel, wastegate, SQV blowoff valve, downpipe, exhaust manifold, fuel rail with 680cc injectors, oil cooler kit, 3-bar MAP sensor and air temp sensor. All that stuff was made by HKS! Also an upgraded Nissan 80mm throttle body, GReddy intake plenum, Okada Projects plasma ignition coils, Do-Luck aluminum radiator, alloy overflow tank, and silicon hoses, ARC radiator cap, and a Carbing oil catch can.

This Supra's 2JZ engine uses an HKS T04Z ball bearing turbo, which was chosen for its responsiveness. This is a pretty expensive turbo… Okay, stop drooling now.

Here's the Supra high up on the Brooklands banking. It appears sleek and menacing, even just sitting there.

The interior of this car isn't really my style… but if you look inside, you'll notice an HKS F-Con V-Pro ECU, HKS oil temp, water temp, exhaust temp, and boost gauges, HKS EVC controller, not to mention the rare and expensive Do-Luck 320 kmh speedometer and clock set. I wish the steering wheel and shift knob would match… the HKS shift knob fits the car's overall theme, but then the steering wheel is a plane jane Sparco, and the blue/black AAR Paris-Dakar seats with yellow Teamtech harnesses… it's just kind of busy for me, I prefer a more cohesive interior, but that's just me being nitpicky.

The rear of this Supra has a cool aluminum battery box, and all sorts of interesting looking Do-Luck chassis stiffening braces – rollbar, floor support bar, and rear strut bar. The purple theme is continued with the anodized purple strut tops peeking out from behind the Do-Luck strut bar, which reveal HKS Hipermax II dampers with custom springs.

The rear exterior view of this Supra shows off the Do-Luck aero kit, with rear bumper extensions, rear diffuser, sideskirts, and a Do-Luck modified 3D carbon rear wing and uprights on the ends of the wing.

-Antonio Alvendia

Sumo Power (Official UK dealers of HKS and Do-Luck)



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very nicely built car! i agree with you on the interior but the outside is straight sexy!


I just love that turbo shot! And about the seats.... that's not being nitpicky :)


Amazing, excellent photographs.


545HP on 680cc injectors? Either that dyno reads way high or that car has some serious fuel pressure.


"545HP on 680cc injectors? Either that dyno reads way high or that car has some serious fuel pressure"

There should even be a bit more headroom than that. Isnt it a rough rule of thumb that on a six cylinder car injector size is roughly equivilent to HP limit. ie 680cc = 680hp max


Yeah, I feel the same about the injectors. Maybe 750cc sound a bit more realistic.

Anyway, talking about a clean car !!!

I don't dig very much those bucket seats and 4 point harnesses....but to each his own I guess.

Nice built.


I love the Do-Luck double six rims! They are a great complement to the rest of the car!


well thats what they told me jblaine, i didnt test it out myself. haha! either way, i dont think the guys from sumo power would lie to me about car stuff. theyre as legit as i've seen! and the way the supra accelerated onto the freeway after the shoot, it certainly looked like it had alot of power.


great supra! but yeah the interior isnt what i like. did anyone beside me notice the lexus floor mats?


lol, i mentioned it to the owner when i was shooting the car. i suggested that he custom make fitted floor mats in black, and put do luck emblems or logos embroidered on them. wouldn't that be cool? or how about black floormats with purple contrast stitch, and do luck logos. but hey, it's not my car. if it were mine, i'd probably still be worried about paying the car off, rather than what floormats and seats and steering wheel to use! haha


Great photos. The first one looks like a 1:24 diecast :-)


Those seat should be abominated this instantly!! Some bride with purple trim stitch would so match this... lol


Thanks Spitfire!

Hey Johnny, good idea on the black seats with purple contrast stitch! and either black or purple 3inch harnesses, like Teamtech or Deist makes em in that color, I think. Haha, anyways none of us own the car, so we're just dreaming things up in our minds anyway. I'm sure if the owner wants to, he could certainly afford to do whatever he wants to the car.


Hi Antonio. Just wanted to say how great the photo's came out, you done a great job. Also have taken your advice and currently getting some custom mats made up with the do-luck logos embroidered on them. Thanks again really pleased with the feature.


Hey Chingy,

I just got the same wing (Do-Luck) you have and I was just wonder how did the brackets for the trunk fit?. It seems as if when I try to line them up, they don't sit flush with the trunk, is that right?. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

You Can E-mail at

Thank You,



colin isnt it? :P lol, i forgot that you feature was on here!


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