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Who likes to watch rally like I do? It's that time of year again… the Pike's Peak International Hillclimb in Colorado is about a month and a half away. Since I was looking through my hard drives for some photos, I decided to dig up and share some of these Pike's Peak rally photos I shot.

In 2005, I got to go back to Pike's Peak in Colorado to shoot part of the historic hillclimb event. It was my second time at the famous "Race to the Clouds," and I was super excited to shoot some photos of the event! The first time I went to Pike's Peak, I was taking photos from a helicopter and almost plummeted to my death while trying to take a pic of Yoshinori Koguchi drifting up the tarmac portion of Pike's Peak.

See, I was hanging out the side of the helicopter "Vietnam style," with my feet dangling and all… and as we were high above the mountain, all of a sudden, the sheisty "lap belt" came loose while I was shooting photos!!! Thank God I had my arm wrapped around the helicopter's "oh ____" handle or else the spectators at Pike's Peak would have seen my Gore-tex North Face jacket, Timberlands, and a Canon camera smash into the ground from above, which would have been unfortunate, because something like that would delay the race for sure.

Oh well, even though I was certainly all "shook" after that event (I spent at least 45 minutes after that helicopter flight coughing up all the contents of my stomach on the ground, and still don't like heights to this day for that reason), at least I was able to get some cool photos out of that experience that made it into my hardcover book on Drifting.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some more photos I shot at the race. One of my favs is the photo above, of the silver Subaru Impreza WRX STi rally car, which has a mismatched mirror for some reason..? I love this pic because it really shows the conditions of the dirt road going up Pike's Peak, and then straight up sky.

We were 14,400 feet above sea level! Do you realize how ridiculously high that is? It was hard to breathe up there sometimes, and when I got to the top of the mountain to get a good view of the surrounding mountains, I could see clouds below me!!!

I was super happy to see this 1988 (or 89) ST165 Celica All-Trac Turbo competing in the legendary hillclimb. This particular car was from Maryland. It reminded me of my first car, even though mine was a gutless front wheel drive. Oh well, at least it had cool wheels on it, even though it was slow as molasses.

This Subaru Impreza has the right idea! At first, I liked how the driver flicked the car sideways as he was going up the corner, until I realized all those rocks and dirt and debris were headed right for my Canon lens! Oh hell no!

Mazda actually had a factory backed effort at Pike's Peak! You never know what kind of cars you'll see competing for time on this famous hillclimb! I can't wait to get back there to shoot again.

What do you guys think? Any interest in seeing some more rally content from the Speedhunters crew? (Hehe, as if we weren't already slammed with content to produce) Hit me up and let me know!

-Antonio Alvendia

Pike's Peak International Hill Climb



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um...hell ya...more more.... oh please try and snap some of the vintage machines..if they run.


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Rally is awesome. Are you going to board a helicopter again?


Uh, I think Banzai likes rally!

Henry, hmmm.... I dunno about that helicopter thing LOL! I might do it again just to get it out of my system, but seriously that helicopter ride scared the crap outta me. I can't even go on ski lifts without getting scared now, and you see little GIRLS on ski lifts. dammit.


I would love to see some grassroots rally coverage! I remember Top Secret with AWD RB26 350z's at Pikes Peak a while ago. Definitely cover Pike's Peak!


More pictures please!

Upload all you have in some kind of gallery so I can waste more time!


my prescious rally!!!


Definitely, how about some Formula 1 coverage as well?


Antonio, it would be nice if you could find more info's on "Moster" Tajima's and his Suzuki Escudo....

I think he clocked just above 8:00 min. last year, defeading Rhys Millen

Anyway, rally rocks !!!!!


LOL i love the comment about the subi......XD don't wanna another broken lens.


I never saw that Escudo run, so sad. I went to Pike's Peak twice, and never saw it... so disappointed. Never saw Rod Millen run either, that would have been an honor.


okay guys, you said it! more rally for speedhunters! give us some time though, k? and just dont make me shoot nascar.


Hey, cool... I love rally, I quite grew up with it as there has been an annual run in my hometown for more than twenty years. hell that was always fun... many evo's, even more 323 (familia) gtr's and some sti's, and sometimes an accent or a corolla wrc as the icing on the cake. and always some classic mk1 and mk2 escort's... man I can't await this year's event...

but to be honest, the pikes peak hillclimb hasn't much to do with "our" european rallyes... i mean, the track there is almost twice (or even more) as wide as over here ;-)

nevertheless, looks like great fun, and a st165 is always a good sight.



im probably gonna be going to pike's this year...lets roll!


damnnnnn! lucky! hey scott if i can score a cheap flight to CO, maybe we can do it! email me the dates of when ur going! i'm super down to go to pike's peak again! lets bring bb guns so if any more cars shoot rocks at my lenses, we can shoot BACK.

and if i CANT go, please go to the gift shop at the top of the peak and get me some cool stickers for my camera case!!! i'll pay you back asap!!!