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Japanese circuit tuning meets Amercia's sports car icon in this photo I took at Tsukuba two years ago. This C5 Corvette is actually one of several similar cars that can be seen at various racing circuits in Japan. Don't you think Corvettes look cool with TE37's? Any interest in seeing more of this kind of thing in the future?

-Mike Garrett



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yes yes and yes, it's interesting to see american and euro cars in track competition in the japanese scene, bring it on!!!!!




*shoots hand in the air and jumps enthustically* MOARRRRRRRRR


That is amazing. I was just speaking with a friend about this sort of concept this afternoon. Even crazier is that I used the C5 Vette as the example. It's nice to see American cars with a JDM theme.


Bring it! Got any late model Mustang stuff.


Does anybody have any info on this car? I like the front bumper and headlights. Who makes them?


hi everyone,

I think it's very interesting seeing US and European cars in track competition in the japanese scene. It's interesting to see how they perform in japanese circuits to have a comparison with other famous and fast japanese cars. Living in Switzerland the racing scene here and in germany is "dominated" by BMW and VW, but I don't think these are the better cars for competition, I think it's only because the japanese tuning scene is not "big" enough to bring such nice built cars like in japan or USA.

And as the top japanese tuners are starting to build parts for BMW and VW/Audi such as HKS, OS Giken (Cuspa), Greddy, ... it would be really nice if you could bring also news about japanese parts for european and US cars.


Looks awesome, so cool to see a Japanese twist on the Euro/American car market.

Take the Garage Saurus 550 Maranello, simply stunning. More more more!



the front bumper is made by Alex Racing Design, it's the front fascia ver.II I think, check it out under:


Wow, those wheels do look great on that vette.


More Please


More please


I kind of wonder if this is a Corvette that I helped Top Secret with...About two years back I sourced some USDM parts for Top Secret that they needed for their client's C5 Vette...I'd say 50/50 odds that this is that car. Anyway, pretty cool car. I would have really liked to see a rear diffuser on it.


some more info on this thing or any usdm muscle car with jdm parts would be dope. this would be awesome for a new segment on speed hunters.


I was thinking along with Mark's comment. Bring more info's and pics about the 550 Maranello tuned by Saurus (GT-R expert).


more more more