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Four Honda Fits in the paddock at the Tsukuba 1000 course during the Mugen Circuit Challenge. These are nowhere near as the extreme as the J's Racing Fit I featured earlier, but even in mostly stock form the Fit makes more a fun track car that can get 35mpg and carry a ton of stuff. I think cars like the Fit, Vitz/Yaris, Suzuki Swift, and Mazda Demio are going to continue to grow in popularity for a long time.

Stuff like this gets a thumbs up from me. Are you guys interested in seeing more tuned Japanese compact cars on Speedhunters?

-Mike Garrett



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Yes! Yes I am!

Tuning cars where how I got started with the import scene

Plus, I want to see some B Segment cars up here. It's nice to see cars that can inspire ideas, instead of just the same old FD3S or R32.


I love seeing this genre of cars given the spotlight every now and again. Even without the huge powr numbers of typical track cars, I think small cars like these are still terribly fun to drive. A definite thumbs up from me.


Some tuned Yaris pics would be awesome!!


keep going !!!

i have a fit myself, black wheels, white front, 144hp, nice car!


Yes, bring on the Siphon cars, B segments, Kei cars, etc. The smaller the better. Small/light cars are the funnest to drive, tossable, responsive and the fact that they get great mpg in today's gas prices (yes, us Americans are whining still about $4/gal when many parts of the world is 2X that). I know there are Vitz cup racing, Jazz racing?. Let's see it.


Honda Fits are definitely great starter cars. I love the silver fit in this shot.


Give me more jdm JDM Fits on track! Give me some track flicks of ep3s and other :)


I wouldn't mind seeing some Suzuki Cappuccino's either and maybe some miata's!


Absolutely, and for the record: I love the GD chassis!


Well i personally love this type of car, tonnes of character, and i can imagine actually owning one lol. iId love to see some more kei stuff as well, daihatsu cuore/mira's especially, as i have one lol

Thanks for posting the pic ;)



I love both your site and this one. Your keeping me from getting any work done during the day.

YES, for god sake, more articals on "real life" cars. Although the latest super crazy race car is fun to look at, the grass roots racing both in Japan and in here state side (or world wide) is what I want to see more of. Technical aspects of these cars would be great to. Some info of what these weekend racers change and what kinds of gains it seems to get them would be really cool.........

Oh yeah, and more EF pics.


I watched a good JDM Option DVD with Tatsuru Ichishima (Ichishima-san!), which had his take on the Fit chassis. He raved about it being a great entry level platform. And I LOVE K-swapped fits!

More FITS! :)


"Are you guys interested in seeing more tuned Japanese compact cars on Speedhunters?"

abso-freakin-lutely!!! inexpensive practical cars you can drive to the track and have a blast with and drive home in, I'd say it's cars like these that a lot of us readers have in our own garages. Of course my favorite articles of yours will always be the old school and bosozuko/shakotan stuff.


Yes, yes, yes... show more compacts please!!!!

As Banzai-Banzai already said, all those rx7's, gtr's, evo's and so on are nothing new. They're interesting and cool, but I can't see them any more, to be honest.

The Fit's a real cool machine, and I think that such cars are the next real big thing in the JDM scene.

Greets from Austria


small is beuty


I love tuned b segment rides, just like my touge xB.