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Working on the world’s number one car racing video game does have its privileges. One can get pretty deeply connected into the universes of drifting, racing, new car launches, car builders, automotive magazine and the personalities that drive the action. For some people on the Need for Speed team, this is a dream made in heaven. What could be better than submerging oneself in all aspects of worldwide car culture? For us this is an all encompassing lifestyle; we breathe, eat and sleep all things automotive.

Its with this feeling of deep enthusiasm that we welcome you to the Speedhunters project. Its a look into our crazy NFS world and the car culture scenes that inform and inspire us. To this end, we’ve teamed up with some of our favorite automotive authors, photographers, car builders, drivers, race organizations and automotive manufacturers to bring you to the center of the action. We are deeply passionate about all aspects of car culture and are very excited to have an avenue to showcase the our access to the world’s cutting edge scenes and happening.

The NFS crew been involved in the drifting scene since the early days of Formula Drift and you’ll see plenty of this world in Speedhunters. We’ll also endeavor to expand our reach to into racing, new cars, collecting and mod scenes around GTs, Muscle cars Exotics, Luxuries and Sport Compacts; even touching upon our love of Rods and Kustoms from time to time.

The Speedhunters squad plan to travel the globe from end to end with our cameras to hunt down and capture cars, people and happenings around the planet. Over the course of the year we’ll be releasing a whole gamut of photo collections and HD automotive short films celebrating the power, art and style of the automobile. This is just the beginning: let the Speedhunting begin!



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Cool site, but it's not letting me sign in. I registered and everything but it still says "login error". HELP!


we will look into that - thanks


Great site, tons of content. I can tell I'm going to be spending a lot of time here.


Please don't go to far from JDM scene :)


Well done on launching a new site :D .. looks like its going to be a goodun.


Congratulations on the launch

Props to Rod & Antonio, plus all other crew on this.


Great site guys, my productivity is gonna plummet! I love the variety of your articles, can't wait to see more!


Tx for the feedback! :>


It sounds like a dream


Great job guys! Keep up the good work!


Very nice work! By far the best!


Looks good so far, I thought to myself yesterday, why has this not come out yet, then I realised I had bookmarked the "coming soon" page :)


Great project!!! good luck and keep it up!!!


At last ! the kind of automotive website I was looking for : awesome photography and good HD videos.

My heroes :)

Congratulations on the launch, and keep up the good work !


awesome site been eagerly awaiting this. great write ups and high quality video, look forward to more =)


Great site!


sites looking awesome

just wondering if you had any more pics of friends green lupo that antonio took the pics of

keep up the good work


We'll be doing a full feature on the Lupo in the next week or so. Antonio just loved that car!


Great content! Congrats to Mike and crew!


i gonna visit this site every day of my live!


Looks good man!


Hiya! Avid reader of Auto-Otaku and Kultivate. Great site, instant favorite!! Btw, are they more pics of that red Porsche at top centre?


Thanks for all the positive response and feedback guys! We'll continue working hard to bring it to you live! And make sure to say hello to us at events! We'd love to meet you and check out your cars! Especially the ones with aggressive wheel fitment! hehe!

Speedhunters represent!


Sweet site. Just curious. What kind of car is the one in the last set of pics on the far left? The one that has yellow inner fogs.


Looks like it'll be a popular site. I'll keep my ear to the ground for anything interesting.


@ vipstylecars, the car you mean is a Mazda Luce