Video>>slomo Moment #9 Dai Vs Vaughn

Some of you may have noticed we’ve released a whole string of “Slomo Moment” Teaser videos on Youtube and as part of the build up to the launch of Speedhunters. Here is ninth Slomo Moment HD film: Dai vs Vaughn. This is a much longer piece than the previous films and puts you into the center of the action at the finale of the Evergreen Speedway Formula Drift 2007 event.

I think it does well to capture the power and intensity you’ll find at Formula Drift events. We can really see the slow motion details of a full tandem battle between two of America’s top drifters: Daijiro Yoshihara and our own blogger, Vaughn Gittin Jr.

For the full effect, this short film is best viewed with the sound maxed out and the bass turned up. Enjoy!

:Rod Chong

BTW We’ll release HD versions of the previous Slomo Moments over the course of the coming week or two.



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These vids are DOPE!!!



Very nice!


These videos are so epic in slowmo! Time for a feature length documentary on par with "EARTH" all about racing.


SICK!!!! seriously amazing!


I need to know who the artists are for the music from all the slowmo videos!


It's a mixed bag really. Most of them are my mate Ekstrak from London UK. He did some tracks for NFS Carbon which we've been re-using as well as some new ambient remixes of those songs.

Some of the car tours are reusing Junkie XL special composed music from NFS Pro Street.

In the case of this video its Junkie XL. He did some ambient drones for us in the production of NFS Pro Street which didn't get used until now.