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Recently, I was browsing a forum when I saw a thread where someone posted a photo of a drift car and asked what kind of front bumper the car had. The funny thing is that the car in question was not a real car, but an RC car. He thought it was a real car until another member pointed out the difference. I guess that goes to show just how detailed RC drift cars are getting these days.

Just like real drifting, the appearance of the car plays an important role in the overall impact of the drift, and it seems that RC drifters are spending as much time and effort on customizing the looks of their cars as they do racing them. A lot of these cars are becoming more detailed than plastic model kits!

This particular S13 Silvia was built by member Chevy65masa of the Groovy Drift forums. The final product looks like a perfect scale replica of a contemporary street drift car in Japan.

Check out the detail on the intercooler. With detail like this, I can see how people would mistake thee for real cars. The big pins in the hood are the only thing that really gives away the true size.

I'm loving the end pieces on the GT wing.

If you look closely you can even see the miniature gauges mounted on the dash. Also, is that a roll cage I see?

You can find more info and photos about this creation on the Groovy Drift forums. This car is actually a contender for the Groovy Drift "car of the month" title.

If this was my car, I would be afraid to play with it for fear of breaking something. What do you think?

Groovy Drift: S13 Silvia Street Version

-Mike Garrett



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what's funny, is that some crazy built r/c models have given me ideas for my real car, things that i've actually never seen done on street car, but are very doable in reality