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Subaru have announced the ‘GE’ generation Impreza WRC rally car will make its debut on the Acropolis Rally at the end of the month.

The car has been in development for some time by Prodrive. Its not just the body-style that is a different. The new car marks the end of an era, with a new Blue, Silver and White livery, replacing the Blue and Yellow design seen since 1993. The new livery uses Subaru’s Corportate Colours, whereas the previous design originated from Japanese tobacco company ‘555’.

Having seen the likes of Colin McRae, Richard Burns, Tommi Mäkinen and Petter Solberg (and the fall of WRC!)  in the Blue and Yellow Scoobys,  this announcement marks the end of an era.



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Eat your heart out Loeb, Subaru needs a win this season!


Hey..what happen to the air scoop on the bonnet?? ;p


good point! I assume the air is fed through the upper grille with a big carbon fibre air intake like lots of racecars. This would then clean the air up over the bonnet/hood, over the windscreen and onto the rear wing


The bonnett scoop is used to feed the intercooler on the road?

Perhaps the WRC car is running a front mounted is after all a more efficient location to place an I.C?


The Subaru WRC had has its IC in the front for a very long time. The scoop more of a symbol than anything, a link to the road car, a tradition from the beginning.

The WRC07 scoop was used to force air into the air intake, but I suppose the drag from the scoop is too much for engineers to keep it.

Sad to see it go though, the scoop is somewhat a tradition. But aye, function over form.


The new Subaru WRC2008 rally car had a fantastic debut at the Acropolis Rally, taking 2nd place overall at the hands of Petter Solberg. TBH I wasn't that thrilled when the new Impreza was released. I have a thing against new model cars always being


Can anyone here point me in the right direction of becoming a track/touring car/rally driver?? It has always been my dream as a little boy growing up, and every since witnessing my first Rally, I was hooked from then...

Any kind of info is good at this point. Thank you in advance.