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By now you have probably heard all about the upcoming rear wheel drive coupe that will be made as collaboration between Subaru and Toyota. You have probably also heard that only Japan will be getting the Toyota version while the Subaru version will be sold worldwide. Nonetheless, the introduction of this car could have a big impact on the tuning market and the motorsports world.

I know a lot of hardcore Toyota enthusiasts were hoping this car would be a revival of the AE86, but it appears it will not quite be a modern day hachi roku. The car is supposed weigh in at around 2,700lbs which is still pretty light by today's standards. The car will also use Subaru's proven flat four engine in naturally aspirated form. Looking at the current Subaru lineup, I imagine there will be a lot of potential for aftermarket turbocharger applications. Maybe Subaru will even come out with factory turbocharged STI version?

What do you think of this new car? Will it be a mediocre sports coupe or the next big thing?

Inside Line: Toyota-Subaru Rear-Wheel-Drive Coupe in the Works

-Mike Garrett



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the car looks ok, i think the orange is throwing it off. i read elsewhere that it is made to compete with honda's type r. that should be interesting. it could very well be the next big thing if the price is right and i am positive the aftermarket support will be there. i am hoping the interior comes upgraded as well...seats, steering wheel, etc.


I'm just all around stoked about this car, but I agree with freddy as far as the looks and color. A turbo STI version and healthy aftermarket support could make this one for the ages...we can only hope anyway.


if this turns out good, i mite just buy it


throw in an S15 steering rack and a 2-way and Ill take it :)


This car! the new Hyundai! the 08 STi, hatchback! They're all starting to look the same from a distance. Come up a slightly more distingishable shape ppppppppppplease!!!!!


With the new Hyundai coming out this will need to be priced right to be competitive. The Hyundai, while unproven in the sports car market, will likely be cheaper and feature more performance.


Yeah this looks wayyyy too much like the Hyundai coupe, there has to be another design out there. Either way it will be a hit though. Subaru badge, sub-$20k, RWD = Awesome. I'll take one in rally blue, gold 5-spokes and an STi swap please!


Axe the headlights, please. Once that's done, Ill take 1, in black, with the gold STi wheels please.

Should be nice.


Must be a photoshop


If Toyota has any sense, their version will be the FTHS concept design, wheras the Subaru will be a watered doen version in terms of styling. Toyota are just waiting to buy Subaru outright and use them as their performance/sports brand. And yeah, the lexus style headlamps aren't helping this design.


I like this one and i am waiting to see it in action


wonder how much gas is going to cost by then... :(


I think this car will be more fun to drive than the Hyundai coupe stock vs stock. Just compare two things

WB 103" vs 111"

weight 2866 lbs vs 3459 lbs

Now, the Hyundai coupe does have the 4b11t engine which has proven to take well to mods/tune like the EVO X engine has. But, for me its too heavy. I think Subaru should put a WRX motor in it for the higher model and a na 2.5L with 175hp for the base. Sell the turbo version for the same as the regular WRX. I'll take one in white or rally blue with gold wheels. This is a great car. Too bad it will be a year or two behind the Hyundai.


I actually like the orange and gold theme here. A 200 hp boxer 4 with a 8k redline would be real nice. I tend to like NA engines more then turbo ones, even though the latter have more tuning potential for less money. If Toyota ever made an exact exterior replica of the AE86, with a modern drivetrain and interior, it would be very popular in Japan and with some car enthusiasts in the US.

Now that I think about it, this actually reminds of an article I read a while ago about the replacement for the S2000. The S2000 is a wonderful car, but it does have a big weakness. Its price. I know in the US a lot of people once they get past $30k they immediately start thinking Evo or STI? In the meantime Mazda's MX5 keeps on raking up sales. Honda is supposedly will eventually replace the S2000 with a smaller, lighter, more cost efficient sports coupe, which can compete with the MX5 in performance and price. If they can follow what Toyota and Subaru are working on and put a newer version of the F22 or a modified K20A in a light chassis, it would be a war that would only benefit the consumer.

All these are still at least 2 years away for both, since Honda announced that the S2000 will continue to be produced in its 9th year. How crazy is that?


If its not a toyota, I wont even bother.... So much for that hope. :( keep your subufuy


youre right! kinda reminds me of the G37s too... dammit have some distinction!