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Ela Bouse! Not too long ago, I received a package in the mail from my friend Stathis, who I met at a drift event in Greece last summer. Stathis is one of the best AE86 drivers in Greece, and apparently he and his crew have just started a new print magazine, which comes with a drifting DVD!

Since it's been sitting on the magazine rack in my living room for the past few weeks, I thought I'd share some info about it! The name of the magazine is WOT (Wide Open Throttle), and it's very interesting! I buy alot of overseas magazines, especially if it has drifting content in it. Luckily for me, Stathis just sent this to me for free, along with a DVD and some stickers! Efharisto, Stathis! (It means Thanks)

WOT is a magazine with heavy drift content, and the DVD is very fun to watch as well!

My favorite part of the magazine – the feature on this super cool Agelakis Service restored Ford Escort Mark II, it's awesome! From the foglights to the rollbar, which seems to have its main hoop protecting the passenger and not the driver (???), to the Minilite-style "banana spoke" wheels and Avon tires, this Escort is awesome! I took photos of this car when I was in Greece last year, stay tuned for that!

This photo shows two of Greece's best drifters – my friend Stathis (red supercharged AE86 Toyota Trueno 3 door, in front) and also George (E46 BMW M3) from Thessaloniki (did I spell that right?).

One of the pages even featured a photo of the Sumo Power Z33 350Z from the D1 Great Britain event a few years back! I wish I could read what the caption says, but unfortunately I can't; it's all Greek to me.

-Antonio Alvendia

WOT Magazine

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I believe the caption says "the entire rear end is on fire" but my greek could be rusty.


Ohhhh! No wonder! People always seem to make comments about Sumo Power and fiery rear ends. haha


The caption says :"for turning without ending and burning rubber"

Here in Greece we have some very skillfull drivers but there are no tracks to race.

You xcan see in the time attack event in UK the lancer evo from auto ergonomics(made in Greece).

Stay tuned the Hellenic Drift Champinship just started...

P.S. Stathis's ae86 is very mean


I see 0-60 Magazine there on the left side of the page!


xMike: Yes, I have photos of the Auto Ergonomics Evo, I saw it when I was in the UK a few months ago! I've also heard about HDC, Stathis told me about it, and so did Thomas P from Power Techniques!

Naught: Yup, that's the premier issue of 0-60. I did a story/feature on the drifting school at Ebisu Circuit in Japan, in the first issue of 0-60. Alot of people have hit me up about that story... seemed to be a pretty popular one!


this is our mag and we love it !!!! thanx a lot Antonio !!!!!!!!!!!


At the last photo , it's written: '' For non-stop turning and burned tires''


At the last photo , it's written: '' For non-stop turning and burned tires''