Event>>stil Vodka Drift Series Round 2

Man, Speedhunters hasn't even been live for a week and we already getting all sorts of great content from our readers and forum members. This latest batch of action comes from our forum member, "Snoozin", who was on hand to capture the action during the second round of New Zealand's Stil Vodka Drift Series held at Manfeild. At first I was wondering how the term "Stil Vodka" related to drifting, but then I realized it is the name of the title sponsor. Now everything makes sense!

Anyways, here are a few of his photos from the event-

I like pickup truck converted S13's. Now is this one a sil-truck, a one-truck, a 180-truck, or something else? By the way, does anyone know what ever happened to the orange Sil-truck from Japan that used to compete in US drifting events?

Drift tires live fast and die young.

The C33 Nissan Laurel is one of my favorite drift platforms. Seeing ones like this makes me even more disappointed that they were never sold in the states.

One last shot of "Fanga" Dan lightin' up the tires on his Direzza-sponsored S15.

Stil Vodka Drift Series

-Mike Garrett



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New Zealand has something like three competing drift series yes? Wonder how it affects the scene there.


It means everyone that doesn't have the money to prepare a drift car properly gets an affordable RWD car, whether it can drift or not, cuts the springs, 'drifts' it on the street, and crashes into a lightpost.

Then the cost of RWD cars increases even more. It's a phenomenon!


Vodka drink sponsor for drifting some how makes me awkwardly feel like an irresponsible driver...idk


we have like 3 or 4 drift series over here. pretty much still vodka nd drift revaloution and whatnot run over the winter months while D1 is run over the summer months. But yeah "drift" cars over here are every where, like laurels and R32 skizzas are plentyful where i live and you pretty much see them everywhere.


Yellow car is called a Sil-Utey. Top pic is Car Ruiterman in his S14 with facelift front put on, is NZ's 2007 Drift King, overall he won all three champion ships last year. He runs an SR20 with 2.2 stroker kit, dog box, hydraulic hand brake and all the rest of it.

Fanga Dan is very consistant and very aggressive, one of the 'old fellas of NZ drift. His car puts out about 260kw atw.