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Besides the Nissan Skyline I’m also a big fan of the Honda NSX. Here we have another fine example. Some people would say this is too much, but I know allot of you guys are going to love this. I still believe that the NSX is one of the most underestimated Japanese cars. In new editions of Best Motoring they still use the NSX as a benchmark car. Remember this is for a introduced in 1990.

This example is from 1991 and has a Super GT inspired body kit. It's a one off and can’t be bought from a catalogue.

The NSX is famed by its chassi, but they still managed to improve some things. It uses a Advance coilover system together with up rated suspension bushes.

The spoiler is made by Route KS and the exhaust is from Taitec

Engine wise it doesn't has a lot of modifications except for the induction kit and exhaust manifold.

Here we see a Stack dash display to give the driver all the necessary information without meters being scattered through the interior. The monitor on top is for the rear view camera that you can see below the spoiler.

This car was for sale last year through Powervehicles. I sure hope it got to a happy customer.



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i love that aero kit on that nsx, gives it a drity agressive look


It's a little over the top, but I do love nsx's.


im diggin it!



reminds me of the r/c cars from radio shack, haha.

too bad they didnt do a full body paint job. its by no means ugly... red engine bay, it gives it more character.


Not over the top in my eyes, suits the car i reckon. I would love to drive a super-gt style car on the road, if only there weren't so many speed-bumps and potholes round here. Oh yeah, and if i could afford to run one!


I like this car alot but the minor engine upgrades leave much to be desired


Rear end ruins it.


Abit too busy for my liking... but still radical


Every time I look at this car I think of the Top End NSXs ripping it on the highway... ughhhhhhhh NSX kanjo action is so sick!!!!


if we're talkin NSX's, it's got to be this one:

the GT-One S-GT Widebody kit. the fenders add 70mm (nearly 3 inches) to EACH side. the entire kit in dry carbon fiber costs nearly $171,000.


Where are the fucking pedals?


Where are the fucking pedals?


Car is so jawsome, it drives ITSELF


Car is so jawsome, it drives ITSELF