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Most normal people in the USA spent Memorial Weekend with their families; barbecueing at the park, or hanging out at the beach or something. Not me. Even though I was invited to a bbq/party at San Francisco's Baker Beach area, I wasn't able to attend because I was doing photo shoots of cars with aggressive stances.

I decided to cruise around San Francisco for an afternoon with Prashant Patel from the EXE Life website. Prashant is the owner of this daily driven white Z33 350Z. That's right, I said daily driven! Don't be scared!

Just look at the fat lips on those wheels! Prashant's 19-inch Weds Borphes wheels are actually negative offset! With fitment like that, he needs to be rocking a Cipher Garage shirt with the "Offset is Everything" slogan – the original! Or even a Cipher Garage "Offset is Everything" license plate

Abbey Road revisited. With a 350Z! The Vertex aero looks so clean and classy on the 350Z; it's definitely one of my favorite aero kits for the 350. I also love the front chin spoiler and rear hatch lip spoiler.

Since Prashant does actually daily drive this car, he keeps the expensive-but-worth-it Vertex aero clean with a customized Universal Air Suspension system and customized suspension arms. The ability to raise the car when you approach steep driveways and lower it back down when you're cruising on nice roads is a feature which allows a person to drive a car like this in real life, even in a city with steep uphill and downhill streets, like San Francisco!

Super fat lip rear wheels! I love how they look so much, it almost makes me forget that he needs to put a better exhaust on his car. Okay, maybe I didn't forget. Sorry.

If you can stretch a 275/30/ZR19 tire, you are definitely cool in my book. And even cooler if you're doing it under stock fenders. Respect!

-Antonio Alvendia

(PS: Big thanks to Prashant for letting me borrow his Canon digital SLR for the shoot!)

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Sick! Too bad you couldn't get a pic of him going sideways! Lovin' everything about this car!


I'm so confused. Can someone explain the wheel/lip situation to someone apparently not "up" on the trend? Slap on a narrow-for-the-wheel tire so it angles the sidewall radially away from the lip? Does this buy you anything other than a certain look?


Decent car but the only remarkable thing is the Vertex aero IMO. The tire stretch is awesome on the car but it does not seem to have that much going on to my taste. I'm not hating, I realize that there is a lot of work in it but the chrome wheels, air suspension, and lack of motor mods aren't hard enough for me.


This is more into the VIP direction (as it continues to bleed into Sport Compact type of cars) so its a different viewpoint from a performance modded car right?

jblaine: might be best for Antonio to communicate to you his philosophy of "living through stretch tires and aggressive wheel fitment". I'll ping him in a bit. He drove back to LA from San Fran late last night so is likely sleeping ATM!


Antonio, I'm very disappointed with your pics of Prashant's car. It doesn't capture the beauty this car truly possesses. Please reshoot this car. These pics suck and it frustrates me to look at them. It's not up to par with your skill level.


I think more of you guys just need to see the car in person that's all. I have yet to find any pictures that do the car justice. So much hard work went into making the car look this way its ridiculous. But at the end of the day, I also just have to reiterate that this is a daily driven cruiser. Not a drift car, not a race car, not a grip machine, just a cruiser. As far as the engine, a stock Z has enough power for this particular project. All that I have done to the engine thus far is a port and polish to the plenum, and bolted up some test pipes and a catback. Good enough for me and it fits the scope of this particular project!


Gorgeous car m8!


Sorry you didn't like my pics, Kranze. I'll try harder next time. It's kinda hard to show the intricate detail work that went into Prashant's expert fitment... it requires alot more attention to his fenders, and customized suspension. Best to be shot on a lift or in a garage... and we didn't have that opportunity this past weekend.

Walter H, this car was built to be streetable and fun, so I'm not hating on Prashant for not doing some crazy engine work to it. Stock 350Zs are more than powerful enough for street driving, I think. You can ask P himself, his car gets alot of positive attention on the street! I think his car looks great!

Jblaine and Rod... I don't think it's best to explain this in the comments section. Maybe we should do a whole separate write up on this.


i love the stance.


As much as I love the Z, this car is wasted in a way. It's purely a show car. It can't go sideway because either the owner can't drift, and the fact that the car is on air suspensions.....the stretched-look tires helps somewhat the drifters when entering hard into a corner.

Again, I'm not hating, but this car is purely show (and no go).


Different people, different styles. I really like this car for what it is. It wasn't build to drift so why would the owner want to drift with it?

Very cool car Prashant, but do something about that exhaust LOL!!!

just kidding


Yeah I know, the exhaust being short has been bugging me for a while. Before, on the stock bumper it was too big, now on the Vertex rear bumper it's too short. =(


Alex: I might have agreed with your comments before, but I think not all Zs need to be drift cars or time attack cars. Prashant built this to be a STREET car, so I think it is awesome for that purpose. Trust me, I have soooooooooo many friends with fully built drift cars/time attack cars/drag cars... and they can't drive them on the street anymore! They have to be trailered everywhere because the cars are too loud, have too many graphics, or are too low to be driven anywhere!

With Prashant's super low Vertex aero, and super aggressive wheels, I think he "needed" airsus to retain the drivability of the car. If it was dumped on coilovers, it would look super dope, but he couldn't drive it anywhere, especially not in San Francisco, where you need to go up and down steep hills and crazy driveways all the time just to get wherever you're going. So I think it's not a waste - I think it's cool, and very different!


Hmmm.....why does the location look familiar? Like maybe its on a corner right by somebodys house or something? Im amazed you were able to get a pic there wihout fog!

Sick stance-


We already had a look at some of the popular Japanese "racing" wheels, as well as plenty of vintage Japanese wheels, and now it is time to finish up this "Cool Japanese Wheels" series with a glimpse into the world of high end multi


I love it!!


"What's the difference between a Car Spotlight and a Car Feature?" ... this question was