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"I will never take drifting seriously." Such words can often be
heard from Brian Harte of Long Beach, California, the owner and pilot
of the blue S14 240SX seen above.

In drifting's early days, it was all about going out and having fun
with your friends with no worries. There were no sponsors, no
rulebooks, and no drama. For Brian, it's all about keeping that
original drifting spirit alive. If you are familiar with the scene in
Japan, you will probably notice that Brian's car bares a striking
resemblance to many of the original street drift cars from the "glory
days" of Japanese drifting.

Since most of Southern California's drift action can be found at Willow
Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, Brian's drift days begin
with the long commute into the desert from Long Beach. This drive is
made even more difficult by the cars ground-kissing ride height made
possible by a set of custom ZEAL coilovers. On occasion, Brian can be
seen on the side of the freeway trying to save his detached Origin aero
parts from being run over by 18-wheelers. After he gets to the track,
the aero destruction continues as the occasional dirt drop or off
course venture makes quick work of the FRP bumpers and side skirts. I
think Brian replaces aero parts more than some people replace tires.

 When you look under the hood of Brian's car, you won't find anything
exotic. Not even the standard SR20DET swap. It may be hard to believe
after seeing Brian in action, but the car is still running the original
KA24DE engine that came in all USDM S14's. It shows that you don't need
big turbo power to have a nice drifting experience. Also, seeing as
Brian drives his car to and from the track, the reliability is always a

As you might have noticed, Brian's car has no shortage of stickers. The
majority of them are from the original Japanese drift teams that Brian
gets so much inspiration from.

Unfortunately, it appears Brian has gotten his fair use out of the
car, and this car will soon be dismantled. Rumor has it that a new car
is already in the works. I have no doubt that it will be just as cool
as this one. Look for more on his new machine in the near future.

Just Drift!

-Mike Garrett



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my favorite S14


So I like your car so much it is the best s14 I see in live sup your very cool


Really nice car, it has the good old style that a drift car have to look.

When you say it use the original KA24DE, you mean that the engine is full stock (155hp??), sounds incredible to see how the car slide (even on pics).


Working within abnormal constraints and proceeding to kick ass is the quickest route to respect from me.


The frst sentence immediately made me think of this video


Yep, the engine is totally stock. At times it has even been seen running on three cylinders!


Awesome story.

Pretty darn accurate too. haha

Yes the engine is completly normal, except an ASPEC air filter.

Thats really the only thing I know how toc hange, so there you go.

Yes this car will be sold soon, or taken apart. But it looks like there is a buyer...

I built it up exactly how I wanted it, and now it is time to move on to something a little different.


its ok i guess. i mean i do like the painted valve cover. brian makes ASB worth it. i'd die for him.

i still say these pics are photochopped!!!


Okay, also to explain the freeway thing..

so, about 30 seconds after I got on the freeway with my brand new front bumper, i hit a ROPE in the freeway and break the bumper off and its dragging. COME ON, REALLY?!

So I pull over and fix it, see that it is all cracked and whatnot. oh well. damn. car looks ghetto now. ziptie it on. get going again.

Then about 20 minutes later, i hear dragging from the back of the car. put the DVD player on pause. pull over. see my rear bumper in the middle of the freeway. HELL. RUN out there to pick it up.

ziptie it back on again... oh whats this? the license plate is dangling there, reeady to fall off. fix that too. Off I go. Put Back to the Future back on PLAY.

another half hour later I decide to stop because I have heard FRP scraping for a while now. Get out, look. Jeeez, because the front bumper was all cracked up now, the structural integrity of it was ruined and the wind had been pushing the bumper down against the ground for the last 20 minutes. GREAT. FRP doesnt beat the asphalt. So its got a nice flat area GONE from the bumper.

get back in the car, drive to Willow Springs and then drift the rest of the day and tandel with Dousan better than ever before.



*salutes* im gunna miss this car. twin drift cars with KA POWER BH??


BH is best!


Brian, youre my hero.


BH aero kits...when will these go into production? The industry needs em...


Fucking love the street jap theme! if you get another S14 take the windows wit ya!


I hate it when bumpers do that.

fucking sucks.


It will Be missed But i have the front Bumper from ASB4 to remember it


I heard BH's hatchback will be 5x better than the s14... just a rumor....




Keep rippin it hard BH!


My fav. S14 Z in the US.



YAY!!! keep the real shit alive brotha =)

this s14 is huuuuuuuuut like pizza


I'll take the honor of having the first comment on the first drift article on SH :)